Why is the Lion the king of the Jungle

Why is the Lion the king of the Jungle

This article is about Why is the Lion the king of the Jungle. From our elders to older everyone likes lions and often our elders said “The Lion is the King of the Jungle”. We heard this from our childhood but don’t know why the Lion the King of the Jungle. Even the biggest animal in the world is the tiger, not the lion. On the other hand, lions prefer to live in grasslands, not the jungle. Then how it’s possible? Hope so now you are more curious to know the reality. So let’s watch it without wasting any time.

Why is the Lion the King of the Jungle

Lion is a species of cat and is considered the biggest cat on the continent. Lions are the best hunters; their sense of smell is very sharp and they use it for hunting. Lions are called the King of the Jungle due to some reasons. Here is the answer to why lion is king of jungle? A few of them are as follows;

Raw Power

Lions are very strong and powerful animals. Lions have heavy weight and fast speed. They can cover a distance of up to 50mph for hunting. Lions use a force of 650 psi and can easily hold 2300 pounds. The lion swipe paw is considered the most powerful among all other animals and provides nearly 400 lbs. of power.

Why is the Lion the king of the Jungle

Leadership and Social Structure

Lions are social animals and live in pride. A pride has a maximum of 30 lions and one of them is the King. The pride hunts like a group where the male lions secure the female lions and female lions hunt the hunter. The king leads the other lions and in this way, they maintain a social circle and leadership. Also, read What Color Is A Lion’s Fur

The Mighty Roar

Lion falls among the largest cat group and similarly, their sound is also loud as compared to other cat. The lion roars in such a loud sound that you can hear it from a 5-mile distance. His roar sound is enough to frighten the other animals of the jungle.

Fearlessness and Courage

Lions are strong and aren’t afraid of any other animal so hunt all other creatures in the jungles including zebras, giraffes etc. Lions hunt in the form of pride and it consists of 15 lions including female lions.

They are feared

All the animals of the jungle are afraid of lions and no one can hunt them. So they have no enemies except the humans and hyenas. Hyenas also hunt in groups like lions. Sometimes hyenas try to snatch the lion hunter and sometimes attack them if they are large in number as compared to lions. On the other hand, humans use the lion’s skin for making bags, carpets, jackets etc. For this, they often try to hunt lions. So lions are frightened of these two species. You can check the Slowest Animal In The World.

Lion species

Lions have mainly two sub-species and both have a different appearance. These are;

  • Asiatic lions are small in size as compared to others and they have light golden color. They are mostly found in India
  • African Lions are dark in colour and they have strong mane. They are mostly found in Africa.

Are there better predators than lions?

We thought that the lion was the strongest animal and no one was a better predator than the lions. But we are wrong tigers are better predators than the tigers. A tiger has more weight than a lion. Tigers are more capable of hunting and fighting. If a competition is held between tiger and lion hunting then there are more chances that the tiger will win.

 But some of the people want to know the details about why lion is the king of the jungle? They are social animals so they like to live with their family. The group of lions’ family is called pride. Lions are scientifically called the Panthera Leo.

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