Raccoon Names Ideas Cute, Funny and Unique

Raccoon Names Ideas Cute, Funny and Unique

Raccoons are intelligent wild creatures. You must have a raccoon pet that’s why you are here and gathering Raccoon Names Ideas Cute, Funny, and Unique. Raccoons are cute but sometimes create problems like breaking things. But still many love raccoons and adopt them as pets. I am sure you trained him and he will prove a great lovely pet. Here is the list of the best cute, funny, and unique names for your male and female raccoons. Hope so you must like and choose one of them.

Raccoon Names Ideas Cute, Funny and Unique

Here are a bunch of ideas for raccoon names that are cute, funny, and one-of-a-kind. Take a look at these suggestions for some adorable and amusing names for your raccoon friend!


No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. Buddy 2. Fluffy 3. Paula
4. Libba 5. Howler 6. Walter
7. Mochi 8. Dizzy Dopey 9. Darwin
10. Ducky 11. Charlie 12. Foxer
13. Ethan 14. Rascal 15. Clara

Raccoon Names Ideas Cute, Funny and Unique


No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. Hoover 2. Masked Singer 3. Chipper
4. Rocky 5. Thief 6. Troubles
7. Dustbin 8. Grumpy Goomba 9. Rusty Bear
10.  Robber 11. Agent 077 12. Boo Boo
13. Buster Brown 14. Grape Jelly 15. Blackie


No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. Floss 2. Coco 3. Merli
4. Oscar 5. Dino 6. Penny
7. Ritz 8. Smookie 9. Dart
10. Clover 11. Gomez 12. Mooshy
13. Pilot 14. Meek 15. Trash Panda

Female Names

No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. Josephine 2. Cupcake 3. Cuddle
4. Mara 5. Stormy 6. Lilly
7. Adora 8. Riley 9. Swifty
10. Chester 11. Muchkin


12. Fiddle
13. Shadow 14. Honey 15. Muffin

Male Names

No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. Walter 2. Rigby 3. Skelter
4. Ace 5. Parker 6. Ranger
7. Dennis 8. Whisker 9. Bert
10. Tripod 11. Lifty 12. David
13. Scamp 14. Oreo 15. Eddie


No. Name No. Name No. Name
1.  Joey 2. Lisa 3. Sherlock
4. Bert 5. Jeb Bush 6. RJ
7. Inkblot 8. Constable Raccoon 9. Woo
10.  Pilot 11. Meeko 12. Pinch
13. Jojo 14. Paul 15. Rocket


No. Name No. Name No. Name
1. KitKat 2. Sunshine 3. Waffle
4. Brainwave 5. Peanut Butter 6. Digger
7. Scar 8. Mellow Yellow 9. Brandy
10. Candy 11. Brown Sugar 12. Nutter Butter
13. Jerry 14. Hazel 15. Claudia


How to Choose a Name for Your Pet Raccoon?

The name of the pet reflects your love, care, and the pet’s personality. So, here are some beneficial tips for choosing the best cute and cool name for your raccoon pet;

  • When you decide to assign a name to your raccoon pet. Then observe your pet for a few days and note your raccoon personality. This is the best way to choose a pet name according to the personality. If your pet likes exploring and adventure, then you must choose a name like ranger or tiger, etc. Get the answer to Where Do Raccoons Live.
  • You can also choose a name that best matches your choice because enhances your love towards your pet raccoon. If you like food then cookie pie, muffins, and cupcakes are the best options. Similarly, if you love movies then pick a character name that best matches your raccoon like Mario, zombie, etc.
  • Think about a name that is best fit for your pet raccoon like; Clever if he is sharp and picks quickly, Ringo if he is active, like jumping and rolling, Fluffy if he has long hairs, etc.
  • The cute and cool names are also the best way to show love to your pet raccoon. These are Clara, Foxer, Scar, Hazel, etc

If you are a good thinker, then must think about a funny name according to your pet that matches and describes the raccoon pet personality. Like foodies if your raccoon loves food. Always place a cute, short, and unique name for your pet raccoon. So that he can learn quickly and respond to you soon.

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