How Old Is My Baby Squirrel

How Old Is My Baby Squirrel

If you like squirrels and want to adopt or you may find a baby squirrel and want to raise him then you must have known How Old Is My Baby Squirrel? It’s not impossible but a little bit tricky. You can calculate the age of a baby squirrel in various ways.

How Old Is My Baby Squirrel

We can easily identify the age of our baby squirrel by using scientific equipment like X-Ray. We can determine the age by the growth and the level of the squirrel bones. By the eye lens, we can also determine the age. But these methods are used by vets because we have no medical equipment and they are expensive too. Let’s come to our main topic How Old Is My Baby Squirrel?

Decoding the Baby Squirrel Growth Stages:

The age of the baby squirrel is decoded by the fur, tail, eyes, and ears. These parts grow week by week so we can decode the age by the number of weeks according to the growth of different body parts. You can also decode the age by reversing the months because most squirrels are born between March to July.

How Old Is My Baby Squirrel

Tail Nutty About Ages: The Baby Squirrel Edition

The baby squirrel’s tail is covered by white fur of 2mm at the age of 4 weeks. When it grows and becomes 6 weeks older, it has fur on the inner side (side towards the belly). In this way, we calculate the age by the tail fur. Read about When Do Squirrels Have Babies?

The First Tales: Using Fur Growth to Age Your Baby Squirrel

When a baby squirrel is born, he has no hair. In the first 2 weeks, there is no hair growth. After that, it starts growing and by the 3rd week, the squirrel has 1mm long hairs. The squirrel is 4 weeks older when the white hairs on the tail grow to 2mm long. By the time the underside is covered by hairs when he becomes 6 weeks older. The squirrel fur grows for 6 weeks only after that fur doesn’t grow and now it’s difficult to determine the age of the squirrel by fur.

Eyes and Ears: Deciphering the Age of Baby Squirrels

It is a difficult way to determine the squirrel’s age by eyes and it’s a less accurate way. Because the eyes of many baby squirrels are opened at the age of 5 weeks. But sometimes they open their eyes before that time so it may be clear or maybe not. Between 3 ½ weeks to 6 weeks, they must open their eyes. The squirrel is 5 weeks older if its eyes are open otherwise it’s difficult to calculate age.

Calculating the age by ears is easier than the eyes because a baby squirrel’s ears are closed when he is born. It opens between 3 to 4 weeks and ears begin to open after 1 week. So if the ears are not open then the baby is less than 1 week. But if the ears are open then we say that the baby is above 1 week. You can also read Can Squirrels Eat Celery.

Few Weeks: Understanding the Newborn Squirrel Stage

When a baby squirrel is born with close eyes and ears. He has no hair and his colour is pink. After 5 days’ soft hair started growing on the mouth and nose.

  • In 1st week, his hair grew little and his skin seemed greyish.
  • In 2nd week, the ears start to move. At that stage, the development of nails and whiskers starts.
  • In 3rd and 4th week, the teeth of the lower front start to grow. Hairs on the tail grow and ear opening starts.
  • In 5th week, the eyes are opened and the front upper teeth start growing. At that time, he sleeps, crawling and lying down most of the time.
  • In the 6th to 7th week, the squirrel is active and starts sitting. His body is full of fur and his tail looks fluffy.
  • In the 8th to 10th week, he looks like a squirrel but a baby. Now he can jump and run. By the 10th week, he is fully grown with healthy teeth.
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Now you can easily grow a squirrel because you know How Old Is My Baby Squirrel? Now you can take care of baby squirrels because you easily decode their age by their fur, teeth, eyes and ears.

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