How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in The World

How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in The World

A spider is an amazing creature with multiple abilities. But do you know How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in the World? Spiders are related to prawns and cabs because they belong to the phylum of Arthropods. Everyone is impressed by his amazing abilities of web spanning. Spiders have no spine and have tough Skelton. Their leg is jointed and their body is segmented.  All arachnids have 8 legs including a spider.

How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in The World

Many of us do not know because we never notice him. Whereas spider is common too. So let’s go for an depth study and discussion of spider legs. Also, learn some interesting facts about them. The spider is a creature that belongs to the Arachnids group of animals. This group of animals have usually 8 legs.

How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in The World

Interesting Spider Legs Facts

Legs play an important role in every living organism’s life. Similarly, the spider legs are also important for him because their legs help him climb everywhere. The interesting factors about the spider legs are;

  • Spider Legs Can’t Extend

The spider legs are different from other insects because they can’t bend or sketch their legs. So their method of walking is also different. They have a liquid that they inject into their legs and are then able to bend or sketch their legs. If you see a dead spider, then must notice that its legs are curled. This means that they are not able to pass liquid in the body and their legs move back to the original position.

  • Use of Legs for Mating Dance

Besides the lack of sketching and bending abilities, the spider can dance to impress a mate. All the species of spider couldn’t dance whereas some do this. But it’s not common to see. If a female spider is not impressed by the dance of a male, then there’s the chance that the male not only loses a mate he also loses his life too. It’s possible that the female spider attack and kill him.

  • Sticky Hairs on Spider’s Feet

You know that spiders use their legs for climbing trees and their webs but how does the spider stick to the surface? He has special abilities of sticking called dry adhesion but it’s not gluey. These are the tiny hairs on the legs of spiders that grow in different directions and help in sticking on any surface and moving easily.

Benefits of having Eight Legs

A spider has usually 8 legs but the research proves that a spider with 6 to 7 legs can also perform the same task as a healthy 8-leg spider. Spider not only uses their legs for walking, he also uses them to attack their prey. Spiders’ legs are not only for mobility; they are used to save from attackers. Some spiders also use their legs and arms for different purposes and expand their legs and attack predators that are doubtful.

Parts of Spider Legs

The spider leg has many sticky hairs. A leg has two small claws and the hairs control the vibration that is caused by the air. A Spider leg has 8 segments and 6 joints. Therefore, he has 48 knees as each leg has 6 joints. The segments of the leg are;

  • Coxa
  • Tibia
  • Trochanter
  • Femur
  • Patella
  • Tarsus
  • Pretarsus
  • Metatarsus

As we do not know; How Many Legs Do Spiders Have in The World? So in this discussion, we conclude everything that A spider is a member of an arachnid group that has 8 legs and each leg has 6 joints. Due to six joints in a leg spider has 48 knees. Spiders use their legs for walking, climbing, and webs. They also use their legs for hunting and to save themselves from others.

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